Wedding Party Centerpieces

Monthly Archives: May 2011

Your wedding date is set and you need to start planning. You know your location; you already have chosen a venue. Well, now is time to focus on other details like how your tables will look like. The centerpieces that you will be using will make all the difference.  If you want the mood to be absolutely perfect you need to use candles. The candle light will make the whole room look gorgeous and everyone look beautiful.

Here are some wedding centerpieces that you might like:

Flowers and candles placed in crystal or even glass bowls look very pretty and they are very easy to be put together. Choose your candles to match the color of the candles and you will have beautiful wedding centerpieces. Otherwise just use tea candles, and you will save some money as well.

In bowls with water you can place butterfly shaped candles. You can use them by themselves or with matching flowers. For an extra special effect you can use colors to give the water in the bowls different colors hues like purple or blue.

Another great idea is to place fruit candles in the bowls with water. For this type of wedding centerpiece you can use cut in half oranges, limes or even watermelon shaped candles. Make sure that everyone can tell that they are made of wax. You don’t want people to eat them.

You can find in super stores everywhere glass or crystal candlesticks that you can use as weeding centerpieces. They look very graceful and you can find them at small prices in outlet stores. For a more beautiful effect you can use different size candlesticks. Of course, use some flower arrangements as well to match with the candles.

Another classy idea is to use in your wedding centerpieces bowls river rocks. Match the rocks with tea candles and white flowers if your wedding colors are ivory or white.11