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Everyone knows that a wedding implies lots of costs and sometimes extra costs. The venue, the decorations and of course the flower arrangements are items that are needed to complete your dreamy wedding day. However all you need is a little bit of creativity and you will be able to put together some amazing decorations without spending too much money. You should make your own centerpieces if you want to cut down on some of the costs regarding your table decorations. You can choose lots of flower types which can be either natural ones or silk. Wildflowers are perfect for an outdoor wedding and even for a very casual yet whimsical table setting.

You can buy these flowers from a local market or from a wholesale shop online. You can discuss your choices with the florist and he can help you decide what colors and shades are the most appropriate ones. You can also find lots of interesting containers where you can store them in. They can be glass ones, wooden and so on. Choose some vintage looking ones which you will probably find at flea markets or even at the Dollar store. Buy some other decorations like twigs, feathers, ribbons and find a way to decorate your flower arrangements even more. This will give your flower pieces a more elaborate look. You can also ask for help from your bridesmaids.

Wildflower Wedding Centerpieces

Wildflower Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: megan)

Putting together so many bouquets is not a one person’s job. You need all the hands you can get so that you will be able to finish these arrangements on time. Pin the flowers with some bows or with some hand made pins. Use as many colors as you want for your table arrangements and make them stand out. If you can’t seem to be inspired on what other items to use with this look, check out some bridal magazines or some online sites. Hiring a wedding planner might also help but this will cost you extra. So it’s up to you to take charge and find a way to make everything work.


Choosing the colors for your wedding centerpieces might not be as easy as you think. Once you have chosen a theme you will have to think of the colors that are suitable for this concept and then find the items in the colors you’ve picked out. White is the perfect color for a simple and classy theme or for a tropical inspired concept. If the reception is being held on the beach then you could use some white table cloths and chair covers and go for some white flower arrangements as centerpieces. But you can also use candles for this look. They can be big white pillar candles which can be placed in some hurricane glass vases or in some silver containers.

You can also use other colors and shades next to white. It goes well with some light purple tones, blue shades, pink and so on. For a very elegant look you can combine some golden accents with white or some black ones. A black and white theme will look amazing. You can have some white carnations as centerpieces which can be tied with a black satin bow. You can also add lots of white and black gems in a tall looking vases and then use some long flower stems. Hang some balloons or some lanterns all over your venue. For an outdoor garden look you can order some garlands made out of crystals or use some white one to adorn the twig centerpieces. Another suggestion would be to use white silk flowers but instead of glass containers use pots.

White Wedding Centerpieces

White Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by:

They are ideal for a garden look as well. In these pots you can also add some white cupcakes that resemble flowers. Display some tasty cupcakes with some white mousse filling on your tables and make your centerpieces as appealing and impressive as you can. The prices of these adornments doesn't matter, what matters is the final look . So use flower decorations if you want a romantic allure for your tables, candles, edibles, crystals pieces and so on. These items can be mixed in different ways.


If you are not interested in using the traditional wedding centerpieces which are candles, flowers, fruits and so on, you can come with a very unique look. Instead of fancy containers why not use some baskets? They can be filled up with all kinds of treats. You can add fruits in them, either whole ones or carved or sweets. Add in some cupcakes, some candies, lollipops and so on. You could choose a bunch of different colorful lollipops or make a bouquet out of them. They can be shaped as hearts, flowers or simple round ones. Their size can also be an impressive one.

Cotton candy can also be added in these baskets. The size and shape of the basket is also very important. It can be a very unique one. You can add pink cotton candy, blue, green and whatever other tones are suitable for your wedding concept. You can also add vegetables in these basket not just sweets. Of course this would be a much more suitable choice for a rustic or a country inspired concept. For a French inspired theme you should use some cheese slices along with some bottles of wine and even some grapes. This will be the perfect look for your theme. For an Italian look you can also get inspired from their cuisine and opt for some delicious treats that they love to eat. You can look online and do a bit of research or simply discuss your options with the wedding planner. You can also make something on your own.

Snack Basket Wedding Centerpieces

Snack Basket Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Vicki Moore)

If you and your husband love macaroons then make a few of them in all kinds of colors. They are easy to make and you will be cutting back on some serious costs. You can also bake some cookies or some muffins which can be decorated with some colored icing. If you do not want to spend more money on buying these kinds of snacks for your table basket look, then make them yourself. Just focus on getting affordable ingredients and put together a very tasty basket full of things you and your husband like.


Candles holders can be found in lots of different shapes, colors and have different price tags. It just depends what you are looking for. Some brides don’t mind these small details and choose some simple silver candlesholders or some white ones. Buy if you want to accentuate the candle look even more, you have to focus on finding the right elements. Not everything looks good together. And even if you think it might, you have take into account what your husband thinks as well. You have to listen to his point of view and allow him to have an opinion because this is something that concerns the both of you.

So if you are having a very fancy wedding theme you should look for candle holders that have some sparkling details so they look a lot more glammed up or they can be gold ones. For a more fun and casual wedding concept you should choose some colorful candle holders. The glass can be either a shinny one or a matte one. Some of these candle holders have some interesting details like some drawings or some embellishments. For a winter theme you should try and look for items that have winter inspired elements on them. These elements can consist in snowflakes, snowmen, bells, Christmas tree designs and so on. If you want something for your fall concept, choose some leaf designs or maybe even add some applications on the candles holders.

Wedding Centerpiece Candle Holders

Wedding Centerpiece Candle Holders (Photo by: A. V.)

Make sure that you purchase these candle holders based on the size and style of the candles. If you have a pillar shaped candle then your candle holders have to be the same height as the candles. For tea light candles the holders can be bigger and more embellished. This way you will have a lovely diffused light at your tables and this will create the ideal ambiance. You can find scented candles or unscented ones. Choose whichever you like best. As far as the design of the candles there are also endless choices. Just make sure that everything matches and that everything is perfectly planned out.


There are plenty of wedding decorations that you could use for your rustic fall theme and this includes corn. If you are having a late fall wedding or an early one, you should consider using corn as one of your main decorative elements. You can use it all around the reception area or just for your wedding tables. You could set up some corn in some tall vases or even carve them up. Believe or not there are lots of specialists out there who can make your wildest ideas come to life. So check out some online sites and stores and see if you can find someone to help you put your corn decoration ideas in practice.

You could also dye the corn in different colors. Maybe use some baskets on the tables instead of glass vases. You can also add a bunch of other veggies next to the corn and create a very rustic wedding table setting. Add in some green peppers, some garlic, onions, potatoes and create an amazing basket full of goodies and amazing shades and colors. You could also find some corn shaped candles which can be added in some candle holders. Browse through some of these ideas until you find something you can use. You don’t have to go for very complex and elaborated decor as you are content with the look you've achieved.

Wedding Centerpieces With Corn

Wedding Centerpieces With Corn (Photo by: 77krc)

You can also obtain a great effect by having a very careless look for the tables. And corn is very inexpensive so you can buy a lot of it and use it for whatever ideas you might have in mind. You can experiment with it at home and place it on some strings to make some corn garlands. Use the leaves and mix it up with some wildflowers. Just because you want to use this element in your décor doesn’t mean that you have to use it on its own. Play around with leaves, pumpkins, flowers, greenery and whatever other elements you think might help your rustic wedding décor come together.


Orchids are very elegant flowers which can be incorporated in your wedding cake, ceremony or reception decor. You should talk to a florist so he can tell you more about the types of orchids you can choose. This way you will know more about these types of flowers and you can decide a lot of faster on the colors you like or what combinations you have in mind. It is also important to decide if you want to use these orchids on their own or if you are planning to mix them up with other flowers or ornaments. The containers in which the orchids can be stores can be either tall vases or round ones. In the round bowls you can go for a submerged flower look while in the long and tall vases you could choose to have a very impressive flower arrangements.

Add some blooms in some miniature bowls along with some pink or white candles. The candles that you choose to add next to the flowers can be the same color as the arrangements or can have a different shade. You could also buy silk orchids if you think there is no need to spend that much money on flowers. You could also order some flower garlands made out of these silk orchids which you can place in the middle of the tables. Then in the middle add an antique looking candle holder and some candles.

Wedding Centerpieces With Orchids

Wedding Centerpieces With Orchids (Photo by: ColleenBlooms)

You could also add a picture frame or maybe some jars in which you can add some scented sticks or some colorful beads. The beads are fairly inexpensive and so are some aqua gems which you can find in lots of colors . Find more inspirational pictures online and see what you would like to use for your own table setting. You don’t have to copy the exact same look that you come across, just take the elements that you like from it like an interesting container shape or a mixture between orchids and other flowers and use it for your wedding reception.


Sometimes is not about choosing the right centerpieces for your tables it’s about choosing the right colors. You may have unique looking candles and containers but if you do not coordinate the color scheme as you should, the effect will not be the one you want. You need to choose your colors based on the wedding concept that you have in mind. For a tropical beach theme you should focus on some aqua inspired tones like some light blue and turquoise in combination with white. This mixture of colors is also suitable for a Tiffany inspired theme. Tiffany blue along with white can be used for a very sophisticated theme.

You can choose blue or white flowers and add them in some glass containers. You can also mix white and blue flowers and tie a white and blue ribbon at the middle. Candles can also be found in lots of blue shades and colors. To make your centerpieces  a lot more dazzling use different tones  of blue when mixing the candles. You can also use different candle sizes. If you choose pillar candles then go for three different sizes and you can again use a white satin ribbon to tie the candles at the middle. Scatter some white gems next to the candles as well or place a white picture frames next to these blue candles. For that tropical concept wedding use some shells in some hurricane shaped glasses along with some white and blue pearls.

Wedding Centerpieces White And Blue

Wedding Centerpieces White And Blue (Photo by: Georgianne Vinicombe)

Cupcakes decorated with some sea elements are also the perfect touch for this look. You can place them on some white trays or some plates. For a nature inspired theme you can also make good use out of the two shades. Place some twigs in some tall containers and then use some white crystals and some blue crystal to embellish them. Even if you have a nature theme going on , it is a very glamorous one due to the crystal ornaments. If you want to use rustic elements then choose white buckets in which some blue flowers can be placed. Just find the elements that you need in the right color combinations and tones.


There are so many flowers to choose from when it comes to your table decorations that brides tend to get confused. Hiring a florist to help you out is a smart choice. He or she knows a lot of things about flowers and they can help you pick out the ones that are suitable for your wedding theme. If you want some elegant flowers but not too fancy ones you could choose some lovely white carnations. They can be combined with other flowers or used on their own. A simple look would be to add these flowers in some round bowls. You can buy some glass containers and next to them add a bunch of white candles.

The candles can also be a different color from your bouquets if you want to make the table centerpieces pop out. You could also use some edible carnations instead of natural ones. They can resemble cupcakes and can be added in a colorful container. You could use some pink details as well or some gold tones for this look. Some couples do not wish to invest a lot of money in flower arrangements. In this case silk flowers are an excellent choice and the prices are very affordable. You can put together different flower types and mix them up with your red or white carnations. You can also combine different colors but use the flower type.

Wedding Centerpieces With Carnations

Wedding Centerpieces With Carnations (Photo by: Belles Images by Sandra A.)

These bouquets can be tied with some sash bows or with some glittery bows. If you decide to use jars and maybe some rusty orange carnations then this look would be much more suitable for a casual garden or a rustic outdoor concept. You can also browse some sites and pictures just to get more ideas. Your inspiration can come from anywhere, but it has to be the right one. Flower garlands can be used  as well or simple paper shaped carnations which can embellish your tree or twig centerpieces. You can choose the traditional wedding decorations or be inspired and go for the unexpected effect. These flowers can be used with many other ornaments and together your centerpieces will look stunning.


The containers that you use for your table décor come in many shapes, colors and metal combinations. You have to choose a style that is suitable for your arrangements. For tall flower you have to go with a tall container as well. For candle decorations you can choose round ones instead and so on. If you like the idea of having really impressive table centerpieces then you need to give the table a bit of height. And this can be achieved by using some impressive containers. They can be glass ones and they can have some drawings and models on them that will make them stand out or they can have some unique arrangements in them.

Use the flowers that are in season due to the fact that you will not have to pay as much money for them. You can find mums during fall at a reasonable price while orchids during winter are a lot more expensive. You can use long flower stems if you like or simple put together lots of flower types and create a tall bouquet. You can use white and red and yellow flowers for a fall theme while for a spring one you should opt for the brightest colors you can find. Tulips also look very elegant as well as roses. Twigs and branches are also suitable for a sophisticated wedding theme. You can decorate them with some paper flowers or with some pearl strings.

Wedding Centerpiece Tall Vases

Wedding Centerpiece Tall Vases (Photo by: Mirko Kodic)

Even lights are a good choice for this look. Take your time while searching for the perfect table ornaments and see what goes with what. You are the one who has to decide on the colors as well and how many tones and undertones you want these decorations to have. You can also add random pictures attached to these twigs. Find some shops where you can set all of the items that you need and either hire a wedding planner to help you coordinate all of these details or do everything yourself. Just be organized and have a well thought plan for everything.


There are ideas and ideas when it comes to deciding on your wedding centerpieces. Some couples look at prices and even if they like other things they are forced to choose something else. But with a little bit of patience and effort you can still find some amazing supplies at sales or you can rent them instead. There is always a way around it. Why choose something that you are not content with just to have some cheap decorations when you can choose some amazing ones and love them and still be able to find them at a great price? Flower bouquets and candle decorations can be found in stores and can be rented. You can also rent flower garlands which can adorn your whole reception area and which are a suitable choice for an indoor or outdoor type of wedding.

Maybe some containers like trays or some large vases and so on. If they are in an excellent condition then there is no reason not to buy them, unless you it’s not something you want for your wedding theme. You can also use some crystal decorations which can be bought from all kinds of shops. Of course the crystals are not real ones or else that will cost you a fortune. You can use faux ones instead and decorate some twigs with them or maybe use some crystal strings. You can also add them in some fish bowls and on top add some greenery or some silk white flowers. The crystals can be colorful or they can be clear ones.

Wedding Centerpieces Tables

Wedding Centerpieces Tables (Photo by:

You can use lots of adornments for your centerpieces, it’s just a matter of how you mix them together and what looks good with what. If you don’t want anything too complicated or fancy just go with some flower arrangements or with some romantic looking candles. They can be placed in some hurricane vases, some tall containers or you can simply display them on the tables using some candle holders. These candle holders can be personalized if you are looking to give these decorations a more personal touch or they can be adorned with some unique pieces so your candle arrangements will be one of a kind.