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For those of you who are looking for non-floral wedding centerpieces, using twigs is a great choice. They can be used for any elegant or causal theme you have in mind. They are easy to use and you can even create your own table centerpieces. Look at some online tutorials and video and buy whatever supplies and ornaments you need to finish off this look. Add the twigs in some tall containers if you are trying to go for a really impressive look. By adding some colored gems at the bottom of this tall container you will make the centerpieces pop. Since the twigs are not quite colorful the beads you add in the vase will give the centerpieces a more colorful look. They can be red, blue, yellow, silver, pink or you can mix together two colors. Then simply add the twigs.

If you want a more complex look and if you still want to use flowers then combine twigs and flowers. The twigs can also be spray painted and you can hang some embellishments on them as well. It can be either some colored or some clear faux crystals or some paper decorations. You can get some paper butterflies from all kinds of decoration shops. Other symbols you can use are stars, hearts or you can even hang some pictures of the two of you on the twigs. It can be quite an original look and perfect if you want to show the guests a part of your life as a couple. Look at some sites to get more ideas and buy the twigs in bulk.

Wedding Centerpieces With Twigs

Wedding Centerpieces With Twigs (Photo by: Emily)

If you want to hire a wedding planner right from the start then you will need to consult with him or her and come up with some ideas together. If you don’t want to spend more money on hiring this professional then you and your future groom will have to decide on everything including the way you want to style these centerpieces. It might not be easy and it might get frustrating but as long as you work as team it can be done successfully.


Gerbera daisies can be used in many interesting combinations. You can use red and white ones, pink and yellow, orange and white and many other colors. They can be added in some glass containers and you can use an organza bow to tie them at the middle. This look is a very easy one which will not cost you a lot of money either. The problem with most wedding centerpieces is that they tend to cost a lot. So if you want to reduce some of these cost the best way to do this is to make your own arrangements or to buy bulk ornaments. You can do this with flowers and with the containers. You can find some tall looking vases or some round ones in which you can add these flowers.

They can be multicolored arrangements if you want a pop of color and vibrant shades to your wedding tables or you can go for a pink bouquet arrangement, yellow which is perfect for a sunny summer wedding or some dark orange ones which are ideal for a fall concept. These flowers can also be used for a more rustic look. Use buckets or baskets instead of fancy glass containers. You can add a bunch of other flowers and mix them with the Gerber Daisy ones. This will make your bouquet centerpieces a lot more interesting and will give them a more complex look. You can also add some fruits in the basket among the flowers.

Wedding Centerpieces With Gerbera Daisies

Wedding Centerpieces With Gerbera Daisies (Photo by: Robert Miller)

If you want to use yellow flowers you can add some juicy green apples in the baskets. This look will be perfect for an outdoor type of wedding. You can look through bridal magazines and sites to see which goes best with what. Get a few ideas in terms of colors and other ornaments you can use with these Gerber Daisies arrangements. You can also choose some paper flowers instead of natural ones if you think this will give your table area that edgy look. There are plenty of handmade stores that make these amazing paper decorations.


Using flowers as centerpieces never gets old. It’s a trend that will always set the tone for a magical wedding décor. You can use unique flowers made out of silk or paper and you can combine them in lots of ways. Buying flowers in bulk is also a good solution especially if you want the natural ones. You can also hire a florist and together discuss your choices. Tell him or her what you would like for the big day in terms of colors, complexity and style. There are simple and elegant floral arrangements and there are the more complex and pricey ones. You can mix up some daisies with some silk leaves, white and pink roses, peonies with carnations and many other combinations. Play around with the colors and add some greenery decorations among the flowers as well.

Feathers mixed with flowers are also quite an eccentric look and it can be quite a stunning table piece. You can use tall containers for this look or choose to go with large bowls instead. Around the floral arrangements add some candles either tea light ones or various other shapes. The candles can also be bought in bulk. You can add a mirror underneath the floral bouquets and this will give it a more whimsical effect. The flowers can also contain some pearls or glitter just as an extra touch. Some like these sparkling details while others prefer a clean look. For an indoor wedding use bright colors so that these arrangements brighten up the room.

Wedding Floral Centerpiece

Wedding Floral Centerpiece (Photo by: Big Apple Florist)

Add colored crystal vases on the tables or some funky containers like buckets and baskets which are perfect for a more country inspired concept. Embellish the containers as well if you think the flower decorations are too simple and do whatever needs to be done for the final look. You and only you have to be pleased with the final décor for your tables. Invest as much money as you think is necessary. You can still get a fabulous look if you use simple colored flowers and some elegant containers.


Lanterns can be used for many decoration purposes when it comes to a wedding decor. They can be hanged from the ceiling, they can be placed at the entryways but they can also be used as centerpieces. You can rent them or buy them, whatever works best for you. You can find black lanterns, white ones or you can dye them whatever color you like. White lanterns go very well with a bouquet of colorful flowers. You can also use daisies, roses or carnations so that your centerpiece look pops. If you rather use black ones you can add a colored candles inside them or some colorful beads around them. For a more interesting effect try adding these lanterns on top of some mirrors.

They can be placed on some square shaped mirrors or some round ones. Next to the lanterns you may also add small bowls and fill them with some aqua gems. These lanterns are perfect to use for an outdoor wedding and for a more rustic concept. You just browse some shops and see which of them have the best prices and only then make your purchase. You should envision the look before you buy these table ornaments. This will be a lot easier for you to decide on the other elements that you would like to combine with the lanterns. Some lanterns can have unique drawings on them or you can decide to personalize them by adding your initials.

Wedding Centerpieces Lanterns

Wedding Centerpieces Lanterns (Photo by: Boulder Blooms)

If this is an extra cost which you don't think it's necessary then use the lanterns on their own and they will look just as great. You and your future husband have to work together and make all of these decisions as a team. This event is about the two of you so everything that you choose has to be a reflection of your personal style and of course the theme of the event. So analyze as many prices and stores you think is necessary until you find the perfect items for this look. Don’t give up and keep your cool if you want a perfect table décor.


Candles can be used for different looks. They are quite affordable and if you mix them up with some ornaments you can obtain some really complex table decorations. You can use pillar candles in some large containers, add some beads at the bottom of the vase and then light the candles. You can achieve the same look with a different container. Add some tea light candles in a round bowl and then place some colored aquatic gems at the bottom of the vase. This will give your table a more unique effect. These candles can also be colored ones. You can add two, three or more. The candles can be shaped as leaves, flowers, stars or various other symbols that you find to be a suitable choice for your wedding concept.

Clovers can be used for an Irish concept while some scented cherry blossoms candles are perfect to use for a Japanese inspired theme. You can also add some silk cherry blossoms next to the candles. These containers can also be placed in top of some mirrors. Surround these vases with some pearls or with some rose petals. This will give them an edgy look. Some of these looks can be done by you while others tend to be more complex ones. You can check out different videos and tutorials and see what you can do and what not. You can experiment and test your skills before putting together the actual table ornaments.

Wedding Centerpieces With Floating Candles

Wedding Centerpieces With Floating Candles (Photo by: AnnabelleLeeV)

Your future husband can also give you some ideas, listen to what he has to say and maybe together you can obtain a very funky candle look. Remember that it’s not about how much money you spend on these ornaments is how you style them and what other pieces you use for the completed look. The containers can be rented and the candles can be a round shaped but you can spice up the look by combining them with some garlands, with some gems and some other sparkling decorations. It’s all up to your imagination and how far are you willing to go with your ideas.


Renting your wedding centerpieces can be a great way to save up some money. You can find lots of decorations online, you just need to check and see their condition. The one selling these decorations has to add more than one photo online shot from every angle so that the buyer sees the products up close. If you are having a Texas inspired wedding then you will be needing some rustic decorations. You can find silk flowers which are being sold old or even some arrangements. They can be used for an indoor venue or an outdoor one as well. They can be sunflowers which will go perfectly with some wooden containers or they can be glass ones.

You can also add some branches on these vases which are also a good choice for this theme of yours. The branches can be adorned with some silk flowers as well or with some paper ornaments. Crystals are also idea but it will be a much more suitable choice for a more elegant concept. If you wish to use edibles, these cannot be rented. But you can rent various containers or trays. You can find some rustic plates on which you can add a bunch of cookies shaped as cowboy hats or as leaves if the wedding is being held during the fall season. You can also order some cupcakes and place them on some brushed gold tiered trays. You can also rent some candle holders in which you can add colored candles. These candles can be shaped in different ways. Around the candles add some mistletoe or some flower garlands.

Wedding Centerpiece Rentals Austin Texas

Wedding Centerpiece Rentals Austin Texas (Photo by: thekookiejar)

These garlands can contain a mixture of leaves, flowers or greenery if you like. It depends on your concept. Pumpkins are also a great idea for this look. In them add candy, flowers, branches, candles and many other ornaments that will give your table area the desired look. Look at plenty of sites and stores before you make up your mind and see what kind if decoration pieces you can find. You and your husband have to make the best choices financially speaking and the ornaments you choose have to match the wedding concept.


If you want your wedding centerpieces to be eye-catchy ones and very chic you will also need to pay attention to the type of containers that you choose. It’s not all about the decorative items it’s also about the containers in which you decide to add them. So if you are planning of using cupcakes as centerpieces you should place them on some trays. If you wish to use silk flowers or natural ones for the tables then look for some glass vases. But for a more rustic inspired concept some wooden ones will be a suitable choice. There are different types of styles not to mention sizes. You need to make sure that you choose the right size. The right size meaning that the containers shouldn’t be too tall or too small. They need to be seen but at the same time they shouldn’t incommode the guests.

You can add twigs and branches in some tall vases and you can also decorate these twigs with some lights. This will be the perfect look for a garden theme. You can also decorate the vases by wrapping a satin bow in the middle or at the base. Then add the flowers in them or whatever other decorations you have planned. Add some colored beads and pearls and the bottom of the vase and then on top of them you can add some pillar candles. The candles can be colored ones and they can also be scented ones as well. Another interesting look would be to fill up these vases with water and then add some tea light candles on top.

Wedding Centerpiece Vases Ideas

Wedding Centerpiece Vases Ideas (Photo by:

This can be done with a larger container or with a round one. Always take into account the shape and style of the vases when putting together such centerpieces. And remember that adding color to these ornaments is also very important. If you want to go with pastel shades add some silver or some gold accents so that your decorative elements will stand out and transform the table area into a magical setting.


Flowers can adorn your table area in many ways. Some can be more eccentric while others are romantic and classic. You need to decide on a theme and how formal you want your wedding to be. Then you will need to browse through some flower shops and take  a look at some flower arrangements. This will help you decide what kind of flowers you wish to use and how you want to use them. For a fall theme you can choose daisies or mums while for a spring one opt for some freesias or some snowdrops which can look lovely in a small table arrangements. If you want a more impressive look you can choose some taller containers in which you can add long flower stems.

Orchids are also amazing flowers and they are perfect to choose for any season. They come in different colors and shades and they can also be combined with other types of flowers. You can also choose flower pots. They give your table area a more rustic look. And the best  part about flowers pots is that you won’t be needing a new container. You just have to think of ways to embellishing the pots. This can be done by tying a bow around them or by drawing something on them if you have such a talent. If you rather choose glass vases then think of ways to add more color to this look. Since the containers are transparent it would be nice to add a pop of color to the tables.

Wedding Centerpieces Flowers

Wedding Centerpieces Flowers (Photo by:

Use red, pink, yellow, green and many more shades and combinations. You can also mix together all kinds of flowers not just colors. Twigs and braches can be added among all of these flowers or feathers if you wish to go for a more eccentric look. These flowers don’t have to be natural ones or silk they can also be edibles. Add some colored cupcakes resembling flowers and this will immediately draw the guest’s attention. Whatever you decide to use make sure that the decoration elements are based on the theme of your event.


Every couple wants to have the most amazing and eye-catching wedding table decorations. But know that you can also achieve this look with a lot less money. You just need to be smart about this and know how to manage you finances. If you like the idea of personalizing your wedding centerpieces you can do so. Picture frames can be personalized, vases, candles and many more decorations. However an interesting idea would be to use your actual initials as centerpieces. They can be made out of marzipan or wax. You can order your initials made out of wax and place them on top of some mirrors. Next to them feel free to add rose petals, silk leaves, beads and pearls.This will give your table look a more complex style.

You can also order some miniature cakes which can have your initials on top. They can be whichever color you want as long as the shades you choose match your overall color palette. They can be black and white, red and brown, purple and pink, yellow and green and the color combinations are endless. You should talk to some bakers and together decide on the shape and style of the cakes. They can be heart shaped ones, flowers, bells, wedding bands or they can actually be shaped as two initials. Each initial can be a different color if you want. Another interesting idea would be to buy some plastic initials and place them on the tables.

Using Initials As Wedding Centerpiece

Using Initials As Wedding Centerpiece (Photo by: LifeIsFabulous)

You can decorate them by painting them in a unique way or by writing something on them like a love quote or a joke. You will also have to choose a size for these centerpieces, they can be miniature ones or they can be bigger ones. There are lots of sites that can offer you different visions when it comes to such a unique centerpiece idea. They can be edibles ones, they can also be made out of fabric, they can be hand painted and so on. Some are less expensive than others, so discuss your options with your husband and together make this decision.


Having your wedding in Texas or choosing a Texas theme for your reception means that you like everything that has to do with country and cowboys. You can find lots of symbols which can be included in your wedding. Cowboy hats can be used in many ways to decorate the whole venue or they can be transformed into edibles. Order a few miniature cakes shaped as cowboy hats. Add them on some rustic plates or better yet some tiered trays. They can be even engraved. If you want a simpler and less expensive look try using some rustic inspired candles which can be also combined with some candle holders. If the candles are pillar ones you can tie a rope or any kind of strings that you want at the base of the candles.

They can also be added in some clear containers and around them you can add some small plastic pumpkins. This would look perfect for a fall wedding. You can also use some wooded pictures frames which you can adorn yourself. There are plenty of helpful tips and tutorials online form which you can get inspired. Have a look at one or two of these videos and see if you can do your own picture frame centerpiece. They can also be hanged from the ceiling. Colored lights can also be placed all around the venue. You can also add some lanterns if you like and they can also be used for the table décor.

Texas Wedding Centerpieces

Texas Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: JoPhoto Knoxville Wedding Photography)

Add some willowers next to them and you will have a very rustic setting. Lots of these ornaments can be bought from various decorations shops but you can also find some at the Dollar Store or maybe on some sites like eBay. The prices on eBay are much more affordable then the ones in stores.  If you have a limited budget then you need to redirect your attention towards sites which sell more affordable products or supplies which you can rent. The important thing is what you can do with them and not how much money you invested in them.