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Colors are also very important when choosing your table ornaments. If your want these decoration pieces to really stand out, you will have to combine the right shades and tones in your head. For a tropical beach concept, you can mix various blue shades and white. You can also choose other pastel shades and darker blue tones. Looking at some images online and decorations will help you figure out what centerpieces you also want to use. If you like the idea of blue and white, you can start looking for some flower arrangements. There are plenty of flowers you can find in the color blue. You can use just blue flowers and add them in a white container or vice verse.

You can also consult with a florist and tell him or her to make you table arrangements containing both blue and white flowers. These bouquets can be very luxuriant ones so that they can stand out on the tables. Add them in a tall crystal vase or in a basket. You can try all kinds of modern approaches, there is no need to stick to a traditional look. Even if the theme is a tropical one, baskets with flowers will look very nice on the tables and very different. You can also mix the flowers with some fruits. Add some blue ones n a large container and add some colored fruits to make the decorations pop even more.

White And Blue Wedding Centerpieces

White And Blue Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Georgianne Vinicombe)

In these decoration shops you will also find all kinds of gems and white crystals which can be added at the bottom of the containers. Use some tall champagne glasses, add some white pearls and then the blue flowers on top. This is a very modern arrangement, one which  you even do on your own. All you need is to be inventive. Blue and white candles are also a  good choice for any outdoor or indoor wedding theme. They can be placed some candle holders or on some mirrors next to some blue flower petals or blue crystals. Try and picture these looks in your head and go for the one you absolutely love and must have.


Buying the centerpieces from a wholesale shop is a lot more affordable. You can find plenty of decorations including flowers, candle holders and all kinds of containers. A flower table décor is a very popular choice. This would be the perfect touch for a very elegant and chic theme. For a rustic theme, you can use sunflowers while for a more elegant one, peonies and carnations can be used. You have to do your best to put your vision in practice. If you are the one putting together all of these arrangements, then some technique will come in handy. You should look at some tutorials online and check out a few tips and pointers on how you can create these table bouquets.

Instead of flowers, feel free to use twigs and even branches. The branches can be spray painted or you can use other ornaments and embellish them. Find some miniature globes or even some lights and add on these branches. You can also add the lights in the actual vase and then spray these twigs the same color as the lights. If you want to use baked goods as centerpieces, you can buy the trays and the plates from a  wholesale shop. Browse and see what kind of models you can find. You can choose some vintage inspired plates or some simple brushed gold or silver trays. Displays some colorful cupcakes on them, candy or cookies.

Wholesale Wedding Centerpieces

Wholesale Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: lakewriter1)

Fruits can also be incorporated in your table décor and you can carve them or you can dip them in some chocolate or caramel. Do this with apples or pears. You and your future husband should work closely on this, because this is something that concerns the both of you. It will be a lot easier if you divide your chores. If you have any doubts always consult with on another, because even if he might not know much about shades and colors, he can tell you what looks good on the tables. Men are very blunt about these kinds of things.


Sunflowers are appropriate for a more rustic wedding theme. They are also great to use for an outdoor garden wedding. You can buy them from a wholesale shop and reduce some serious costs this way. The sunflowers don’t have to be natural ones if you think this will cost you too much, you can easily go for the artificial version. Whatever you decide to use, they will look great as centerpieces. They will look amazing placed in some tall containers along with some greenery. Make sure that you use these flowers on their own if you want them to stand out. If not you can add some wildflowers or some other yellow flowers. You can also make garlands out of them and then display them on the tables. You can also add yellow gems on the tables or yellow candles.

If you decide to go for a submerged flower look, you will need a square or round container for this look. If you want to make your one wedding centerpieces, you have to experiment first on other arrangements. This submerged flower look is not difficult but with someone with no creative skills and lack of patience, it might take some time. So don’t get into this, unless you are sure. There are professionals you can recur to. You can also buy some candles shaped as sunflowers and display them on some sunflowers trays. This is a very simple table look. The flowers can also be display in some rustic looking baskets.

Wedding Sunflower Centerpieces

Wedding Sunflower Centerpieces (Photo by: 219Eastern)

If the reception is being held in the evening you can use some lights as part of your table décor. Add them in some tall vases and then place the sunflowers on top. If you love cupcakes, then you display some white frosted cupcakes and decorate them with sunflowers. The white against the yellow and green shades of the flowers will pop on the wedding tables. These arrangements can be affordable, you just know how to divide your money. Don’t spend  a lot on these centerpieces, when there is also the possibility of renting or buying some these decorations in bulk.


Flowers come in different colors and styles. So when using them as pat of your centerpieces, you don’t just have to stick to one color or one flower type. Feel free to use as many colors as you want. The brighter the centerpieces are, the more attention these ornaments will draw. You also don’t have to use natural ones, if you think they are too expensive. Use silk flowers instead and put your imagination to work, so that you can create some wonderful arrangements. Add orchids in some tall vases and then surround these arrangements with some candles. You can also use some silk peonies and place them in some clear round vases. You can create a submerged flower look or you can do a floating flower effect. Add some blooms in some bowls and fill the bowls with water.

You can also add colorful gems and beads at the bottom of the container. This will only give the centerpieces a more detailed look. Most of these arrangements can be done by you. But if you are a busy bride and you have lots of other things to do, you can hire a florist to help you. Just tell him what your theme is and what flowers you wish to use. He might give you some other good ideas on how you can display the flowers. You can also use garlands made out of carnations, crocus, lilies and many other flowers types. These garlands can be simply scattered on the tables on top of some mirrors or in some tall containers.

Wedding Reception Flowers Centerpieces

Wedding Reception Flowers Centerpieces (Photo by:

You can also the flowers as ornaments for your edible centerpieces. If you want to use cupcakes as centerpieces you can use natural or marzipan flowers to adorn your table decorations. Think outside the box and let your imagination run wild. Just because you want to use flowers as part of the table décor, that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to bouquets and flower garlands. These flowers can also be made out of paper. You won’t need water for this look, just add the flowers in some containers. They can be made out of colored paper or glitter paper. Remember that the goal of these centerpieces is to decorate the tables and to reflect the concept of your wedding.       


Winter makes you think of bells, snowmen, reindeers, gifts and Santa Claus. All of these elements and more can be include in your table décor. Find some glitter candle holders and add some red or some white candles in them. The candles can also be shaped as snowmen or as Santa figurines. Add them on the tables on their own or use other ornaments to complete this look. You can order some arrangements made out of twigs or mistletoe. The twigs can be spray painted in some glitter colors because Christmas is all about the shine. You can also add them in some silver vases. The twigs can also be adorned with some globes.

The globes can be used on their own in some round bowls. Choose all red with gold details or blue with silver details if you don’t want to use just one color. These flowers can be edible ones as well. Talented bakers can make almost anything out of fondant. So you can order some globes or even some Santa figurines made out of fondant. Display some of these figurines on some trays. The trays can be very detailed ones as well if you want everything to stand out on your table. If you wish to use miniature cakes as centerpieces you will have to order them based on this winter concept.

Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Winter Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Jessica and Scott)

The cakes can be covered in white snowflakes or they can have bells as part of their design. The same idea can be applied to cupcakes or cookies. The cookies that you display as your wedding centerpieces can also be used as your wedding favors. Think practical when ordering or make these centerpieces. It’s not all about the money, it’s about how creative you can be. Respect your theme and make sure that the colors also match your winter inspired concept. Use simple elements like faux snowflakes to add on your tables, instead of the traditional flower petals if you want to adorn the table even more. You have to make the ambiance as festive as you can and create the perfect Christmas holiday décor.


Containers are a very important part of your table décor. You can use crystal vases or you can choose to add baskets. In them you can add flowers or you can create a décor with fruits and vegetables. Some couples also like the idea of using glasses. You can choose some cocktails glasses or you can use champagne glasses as containers. Given the fact that they are small, the decorations you can add in them are limited. You can use candy such as bonbons or chocolate pralines. The pralines can be all wrapped in the same shinny and silvery wrapper or you can add them without the wrapper. The candy can be very colorful and diverse. Use green jelly, pink, white and whatever other colors you think might go with your wedding reception.

You can also decorate the glasses with some bows. If you don’t want to use edibles as part of your table ornaments, use flower petals or jewels. Fill up the glasses with some petals or simply add a few of them at the bottom of the vase. Then you can add a tea light candle in the glasses or some sparkling gems. They will surely create a whimsical effect. You can also fill up the glasses with white pearls and then add a colored candle on top of them. The champagne glasses can also be hand painted and you can add a single flower in them. If you don’t want anything too fancy, a simpler look like this will do wonders.

Wedding Centerpieces In Champagne Glasses

Wedding Centerpieces In Champagne Glasses (Photo by: CompletelyCovered)

Find more ideas online and by consulting with your wedding planner. Or if you don’t have one, talk this over with your future husband. Together you can come up with a plan and decide which decoration pieces will look best in these fancy containers. The prices for these glasses depend on where you get them from. Some couples prefer to rent, while others think that buying in bulk is a great idea. Each one of these choices is a smart one, especially if you are faced with a limited budget. It is crucial to know where to shop and to take advantage of discounts and sales.


If you can’t go on a tropical island and have your reception there, you can bring a bit of the tropical vibe to your wedding. This can be done with the help of the right centerpieces. You just need to know how to work with these decoration pieces. Look for some tall cocktail glasses in which you can prepare some tasty and refreshing drinks. They can be non-alcoholic ones just to be sure that everyone can taste them. You can also buy some coconuts and make cocktails out of them. Use some colorful umbrellas and designs them however you like. Shells can also be used in combination with some exotic flowers like orchids. You can add a bunch of white shells at the bottom of the vase and then add the flowers. Create a single orchid submerged look which you can do on your own or recur to a professional florist if this is too complex for your.

Set up some exotic fruits on the tables as well like pineapples, mangoes and other juicy fruits. Display them on some handmade trays or trays that you have decorated. Making a part of this table décor on your own, will help cut down on some of the costs. Not to mention that you get to show off your creative side in more ways than one. You can also make some garlands. Make sure that they contain really bright and colorful flowers. These garlands can be added in some tall containers or you can simply place them on top of some mirrors. Next to them you can add candles which can be shaped as palm trees, shells, fish and other sea elements.

Wedding Reception Tropical  Centerpiece

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece (Photo by: seweccentric)

You can also use some funky and plastic sunglasses along with some sand boxes and some postcards from the sea. These items can be simply added on your tables and they are the perfect design for a casual tropical look. If you love these kinds of things, this would be a fun centerpiece idea to try. If you want something a bit more elegant you should order some fancy flower arrangements. Candles can also be used with these flower ornaments or you can use them on their own along with some string of pearls.


Orchids are the perfect flowers to use for a tropical wedding concept. They are also very refined and elegant arrangements and they will go perfectly with any elegant and formal wedding concept. You should use them in some large vases and if you use them on their own they will stand out for sure. However if you want other flowers to be part of this arrangement of yours, this can also work. A floating orchid look is perfect for any outdoor or indoor theme that you might have in mind. You will need to add a few blossoms in a container and then either decorate the bowls or use other decorations near it.

Candles are perfect for creating that romantic vibe for your tables. The submerged flower look is a much more complex centerpiece and orchids are perfect for this look. Potted flowers are also a great way to use fresh flowers for your table décor. You should buy them from a nursery or from a local flower shop. If they are bought in bulk they will not cost as much. If you don’t want to simply add the pots on the tables, you can place them in a  basket and use ribbons to decorate the pots. They can be also given as favors to your guests at the end of the night. If you want to use other flowers mixed with orchids you can choose dahlias, lilies or other exotic flowers. Just make sure that the orchids stand out. The containers that you use are also important.

Wedding Orchid Centerpieces

Wedding Orchid Centerpieces (Photo by: Courtney Kroymann)

Large containers will allow you to use more flowers while tall ones will look more impress on the wedding tables. Orchids are amazing flowers to use at a wedding and if you use them properly you can achieve a stunning table look. Make sure that you calculate the overall costs for this centerpiece look and if you are low on money focus on getting artificial orchids. You can still have a great look if you use your imagination properly.


For some couples using flowers as centerpieces is not quite an affordable option. And if you do not want to use the silk version, you will have to recur to some paper arrangements. You can find some delicate flowers made of paper which can be used in plenty of creative ways. The best part about these flower decorations is that you won’t need water for this look. You can simply add them in some tall or round vases and instead of water, add beads and gems at the bottom of the containers. These paper flowers can also be used on some mirrors. The mirrors can be square shaped or they can be round ones.

Make sure that if you wish to use candles they are not near the flowers or else they might burn. Use the candles in some colorful candle holders and this way the flower decorations will be safe. These flowers centerpieces are usually made by professionals. But if you want to learn how to make them and do these table centerpieces on your own, you can do so. There are tutorials and sites you can use as a guideline. It is imperative to practice this technique a few weeks in advance. You need to master it perfectly for your big day. Make as much flowers as you need. You should also prepare a few extra ones just in case something happens to the rest or your ornaments.

Wedding Flower Paper Centerpiece

Wedding Flower Paper Centerpiece (Photo by: Manda GIrl Designs)

Choose bright colors like blue, pink, red and even combine a few of these shades in your head. You can also choose white if you are having a simple and casual garden theme. Then flowers can be added with some colorful beads or used with some garlands made out of gems. If you do decide to make these flowers centerpieces on your own, you have to be very creative and try to replicate the flowers perfectly. If you don’t have time for this fine art, you should order what you like and then think of ways you wish to display them on your tables.


If you want to use candles as part of your table decor, you mustn’t forget about the candle holders. You won’t need to hire a decorator to help you with this. This is something that anyone can do with the right tips and pointers and with a good doze of creativity. Browse some photos and check out some arrangements to see if you wish to go for a clean table look, a more elaborate one, a complex flower arrangement combined with candles and many other examples. You can use colorful candles or you can choose simple white ones. The white candles with go perfectly with any kind of flowers arrangements you might have in mind.

You can also use colorful candle holders. You can find red, blue, silver, gold and many other tones. The containers can be tall glasses in which you can add the white candles or they can be transparent ones. These candle holders can also have a vintage look and have silver engravings on them. If a beach theme is what you want to put together, then you will need to look for some candle holders with sea ornaments on them. The holders can be white with miniature pearl decorations or with some seashell designs. You can also use transparent coasters on which these candles can be added. These candle holders would be a lot more affordable if you buy them in bulk.

Wedding Centerpieces Candle Holder

Wedding Centerpieces Candle Holder (Photo by: Old Castle Weddings)

They can be really fancy decoration pieces, but you can also choose something a simpler design. In these candle holders don't have any interesting models on them, you should add other decoration pieces to surrounded the candles like flowers, picture frames, frame shaped trays on which you can add fruits or vegetables as part of your table setting. Using candles as part of your wedding table décor is not expensive and you can play around with lots of candle shapes and colors until you get it right. The internet can help you decide on the type of candles you can use, what colors look best combined and what type of candle holders will look more impressive.