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If you want a centerpiece based on natural beauty you should buy trees. As long as these decorations are a refection of your theme, you can decorate them and make them stand out in endless ways. This is the perfect idea to use for a garden theme wedding or a simple outdoor one. You can use birch trees for this décor or simple branches which can be adorned. If you hang some crystals or some paper decorations on these branches you will surely obtain the look you are aiming for and that is a whimsical and unique one. These branches can be added in all kinds of containers and even wooden vases.

You can mix them up with flowers or with candles. You can add tea light candles all around these arrangements. The branches can also have silk leaves attached to them or silk flowers. Lights are also a good idea especially for a holiday theme. The lights can be white, red, purple, blue and whatever other shades you think will work with your wedding concept. Use tinsel and miniature globes for a Christmas theme if you like or add paper angels on these branches. Palm trees added in vases is a great touch for a more tropical theme. These tree decorations don’t have to be natural ones.

Wedding Ornament Tree Centerpiece

Wedding Ornament Tree Centerpiece (Photo by: Danielle)

They can be plastic or they can be made out of wire. This is perfect if you want to add votive candles on the actual branches. If you love cupcakes and want to include a cupcake tree ornament for the tables, you can do this by recurring to a professional baker. He will make the cupcakes exactly how you want. This way you will have an edible tree centerpiece. The same can be done with candy. You could order topiary candle trees or add candy canes on some branches. Choose the colors of the candy based on the color palette. You can also order a tree made out of jelly or gumballs. Be creative if you want this tree centerpiece idea of yours to pop. Don’t be afraid to try different and non-traditional decorations. 


The way you display the centerpieces is just as important as choosing the decorations. You can opt for gorgeous flowers but if you don’t make them stand out, your table décor will not impress the guests. If the flowers are really tall and very bright in colors, they will be impressive table pieces for sure. If you want a unique candle display, find other decorations to go with them. Place square shaped mirrors underneath these candles so they will pop. The colorful the candles, the more attention they will draw. Also instead of regular shaped candles, opt for really unique ones. They can have unique patterns on them or they can be done by artists.

If you want to use fruits as table decorations, hire some specialists to carve them up. You can have fantastic fruit sculptures that will really impress everyone at the reception. The fruits can also be prepared by you. A simple way to do this would be to use caramelized apples as centerpieces. They can be displayed on tiered trays. It’s easy to make these on your own without having to pay someone else. Of course you will need some help, but that is why you have so many bridesmaids. Instead of apples, you can also do pears. If you love to bake, use this skill to your advantage and make your own edible centerpieces.

Table Centerpieces For Wedding Receptions

Table Centerpieces For Wedding Receptions (Photo by: Lisa & Gary)

Some cupcakes will look lovely on display. They can be decorated with the same colors you have used for the rest of your reception decor. Add fruits on top or other sprinkles you think might be eye-catching details. Candy can also be used as centerpieces. Fill up some cocktails glasses with colored candy or some Mason jars. If you wish to use these jars for a more rustic look, add twigs and sunflowers in them instead of candy. These jars can also be painted or be embellished by using ribbons. If you want these centerpieces to be whimsical pieces, you have to put your heart and soul into them and pay attention to details. This will show the guests that you care about each single item you displayed on the tables.


When choosing your centerpieces, the color palette of your wedding has to be taken into account. If you love the color purple and all of your decorations are based on this shade, you will also have to use it for the table décor. Choose flowers which you will probably be able to find in lots of purple shades. You can go for a dark shade or for a lighter one. These flowers can be added in all kinds of containers. Some can be smaller than others. If you are looking to save up money, rent your containers instead of buying them. They can be really tall glass vases if you want your arrangements to be impressive in size.

If you just want to add a splash of color to your tables, choose round glass bowls in which you can add the flowers. These bouquets can be very luxuriant and they will look even more appealing if you add other flower types in them. The silk version of these bouquets can also look nice on the tables if you are open to such an idea. Instead of bouquets, flower wreathes can be used. This kind of arrangements will be perfect to use with candles. These candles can be white if you want a contrasting look or it can be a hot pink color. The candles can be tall ones or they can teal lights candles.

Tall Purpleflower  Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Tall Purple Flower Wedding Reception Centerpieces (Photo by: Carollyn Magic)

On the wreaths you can also add small lights. These wreaths can be added in the bowls and then you can use ribbons and bows to embellish the containers. You can also add simple purple petals on mirrors and then purple candles. There are complex looks you can go for or simpler ones which can be just as effective. But in order to know what you are looking for, you will have to get inspired. There are lots of pictures you can browse and get your inspiration from there. Talk about these choices with your husband and consult on everything you like and don’t like. This wedding has to be planned by the both of you, even if he doesn’t like choosing colors or candles or worrying about costs.


When it comes to reducing some serious wedding costs, there are plenty of areas you can do this. Some brides rent their wedding gown or opt for second hand ones, while other rather cut back on the costs related to their table centerpieces. You can find almost anything online if you just know there to look. Some couples sell their old decorations online so that others can benefit from these low cost centerpieces. You might find useful candle holders or trays on these sites. You don’t have to buy everything, just some missing pieces. If you are planning of putting together a floral centerpiece look, look for used vases which you can purchase. They can be tall or they can be round. Add in them the flowers or whatever other decorations you have in mind.

Twig arrangement can also be added in these containers. You can use beads and marbles for this look and even ribbons can be tied to the containers. Instead of flowers and twigs, you can also recur to edible centerpieces. Making them is a lot cheaper than ordering them. Make some cookies and then by some used trays or plates to place these edibles on. Cupcakes can look very festive on your wedding tables. They can be adorned with colored icing and all kinds of decorations to make them pop. Fruits can also be carved and you can order  unique fruit sculptures if you want something impressive.

Used Wedding Centerpieces

Used Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop))

You can add them on mirrors which you can buy from online sellers. If you want a candle table decor, look for candle holders or  vintage looking glasses in which you can add tea light candles or other candles. The candles can be red, blue, pink, white and you can mix and match whatever tones and shades you have in mind. Using more colors for these centerpieces will give them a more appealing look. So break the norms for a change and be creative with your wedding tables. Even if you have used decorations, that doesn’t make your table look less elegant.


It can be difficult to decide on the centerpieces you wish to use when you are limited to a budget. You have to be very careful with the amount of money you spend. The centerpieces have to be based on the wedding concept. You will also have to choose a color scheme and then choose your centerpieces. If you really want tall and impressive decorations on the tables, you can go for twig ornaments. They are inexpensive and they can be arranged in endless ways. The containers are also very important. You can buy the decorations in bulk which should save you more money or you can rent them.

They can be long and straight vases or they can have a very interesting shape. In them you will have to add the twigs and then decide how you wish to use these decorations. Spray painting them can be one solution, adding silk flowers can be another one. You can also use dangly crystals to decorate them or pictures of the two of you. These twigs can also be tied with ribbons and you can add some colored marbles at the bottom of the vase. Another idea would be to go for the traditional flower arrangement. If you want cheaper decorations, silk flowers are your best choice.

How To Make Tall Cheap Wedding Centerpiece

How To Make Tall Cheap Wedding Centerpiece (Photo by: sugarhigh321)

You can find mums, calla lilies daisies, roses, orchids and whatever other flowers types you prefer. Add them all in the same color or use more shades to make the bouquets impressive not only through its height but also through its color scheme. Feathers can also be used for a more modern look. Rent them if you want to opt for the more affordable option. Add hot pink feather in black vases or green and yellow ones. Making your own centerpieces can be fun as long as you have everything under control. You need to be organized and get someone else to help you. This cannot be done on your own. And don’t try to act brave, because everyone needs help once in a while.


Deciding to use manzanita branches as part of your table décor, will allow you to save more money. This alternative is perfect for those who are not looking to use the traditional flower arrangements as table ornaments. These branches can be painted if you want to give them a more whimsical look. They can also be adorned with lots of other items including small crystals, faux leaves, flowers, lights and so on. You will need to select the height of your centerpieces and then opt for an appropriate vase. Add just one branch in each vase.

Gel marbles will also be needing and you will have to add them in the vases when creating these arrangements. The branches have to be secure, especially when you hang the rest of the decorations. To secure them, add more gel beads. Add photos of the two of you next to these arrangements or hang them from the manzanita branches. You can tie them with colored ribbons. Buy colored crystals and hang them from these branches. You can also add tea light candles next to these branch decorations. Browse some photos to get more ideas.

Manazita Wedding Centerpieces

Manazita Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Katie Sylor-Miller)

If you don’t have a wedding planner to help you out, you and your groom have to be on top of everything regarding your wedding decorations. Spray paint these branches and use globes or fairy lights to decorate them. This look is ideal for a holiday inspired concept. Instead of globes use colored tinsel or ornaments made out of paper. If you know the art of origami and you are quite talented at making these paper ornaments, create interesting pieces to embellish the branches. For a more rustic theme, hang wax vegetables from the branches or some horseshoes. There is no limit to what can be done as long as you are open minded and like to try new things. You will have to envision the look for your tables and then put your ideas in practice the best way you can.


If you are looking for that romantic ambiance for your wedding reception, lanterns are the perfect choice. They will create that perfect glow which will put everyone in a  romantic mood. These lanterns can be used on their own, but there are other ways you can use them. Think of mixing them up with other embellishments such as flowers, twigs, crystals, candles and many others. When choosing the size of these lanterns it is crucial that you consider the size of the tables. The guests must have enough space. Since these lanterns will be the main focus of your wedding tables, they need to be added in the center of the tables.

You can use real candles in these lanterns, but be careful with them, or you can opt for the battery type of candle. Around these lanterns, you can scatter flower petals or place other containers. In them you can place your twig arrangements or your floral decorations. If you have opted for a seasonal wedding theme, make sure to choose flowers from that season. They will be a lot cheaper. For a fall concept, use acorns and pumpkins as extra decorations on your tables. Place a bowl filled with cones next to the lanterns or use them to surround the lanterns. For a beach theme wedding, use white lanterns. If you can’t find any, paint them. These lanterns can be painted in different colors or you can stick to their original shade.

Lanterns As Centerpieces For Wedding

Lanterns As Centerpieces For Wedding (Photo by: Camille Styles)

You can find them in black, brown or white. But you can also paint each lantern a different color and give your wedding tables a pop of color. You can paint them yourself and ask your bridesmaids to give you a hand. This needs to be done weeks before the wedding. If you want to go for a rustic theme, add small baskets next to the lanterns and fill them up with river stones which you can engrave or with fruits. The fruits can be the real version or they can be wax ones. Work with what you have, but let your inspiration and imagination guide you when creating these centerpieces.


Flowers are the number one choice when it comes to choosing wedding centerpieces. Most brides love the way flowers embellish the table area. And since there are so many flowers to choose from, your job will not be an easy one. If you love simple arrangements and you don’t want anything too pricey, opt for white carnations or white lilies. They can be added in tall glass containers or in round vases. These arrangements can be done by a professional florist. Choose a flower shop in your town and then discuss your preference with the florist. He can also advise you what flowers go best together and what colors look good .

If you want colorful bouquets, choose soft and bright pink shades which you can combine or dark purple ones. You can also use red flowers like roses, dahlias or mums. Your theme is also important when deciding that kind of flowers you are planning on using. For a beach concept, you should go for light blue color or opt for exotic flowers like orchids. Even if they are a bit pricier than other flowers, your arrangements will look amazing. Use one single orchid and either go for a submerged flower look or go with the silk orchid version. You don’t have to use natural ones.

Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers

Wedding Centerpieces With Flowers (Photo by: Courtney Kroymann)

For those of you looking to save up some money, the artificial version of these arrangements can be a smart choice. They will look just as lovely as the real ones, the only difference is that they are not scented ones. You can also add flower wreaths on the tables and play around with candles in the middle of these wreaths or some picture frames. You can also use really tall vases and add flower stems in them or Mason jars in which you can add willowers. The choices are endless, it just depends on the formality of the event and your personal preference. So analyze a few flower centerpiece pictures before you decide and choose your favorite looks.


Using lamps as part of your table décor is a great choice if you wish to choose a unique lighting effect. If the reception is being held in the evening, then this will be a great choice for your centerpiece look. These lamps can be found in antique stores at a home goods store. Just buy simple white or black ones and then paint something else on top of them. They can also be decorated with gems and rhinestones, if you want a more glamorous look. They can be placed on logs if you want a rustic look or on some antique looking silver trays. Next to them you can add all sorts of other adornments. Make sure that you choose small lamps so the guests can see one another when sitting at the tables. If you don’t want to plug in these lamps, take out the bulb and add candles in them.

These candles will be even more romantic and the more colorful they are, the more appealing these centerpieces will look. You might have a million ideas running through your head, but the important thing is to choose the right one. And the only way you will know which is the right one is by experimenting with these decoration items. Picture them in combinations with flowers, in combination with twigs or branches and other ornaments that will make them pop.

Wedding Centerpiece Lamp

Wedding Centerpiece Lamp (Photo by: Laura Taylor)

Using them on their own is also an option, if you are looking for a clean table look. You might want to check out some magazines and maybe even consult with a wedding specialist. He will probably give you great ideas and tips on what other looks you can pull off with these lamps. If you are a true artist, painting some interesting designs on them will surely give your centerpieces a more original note. But if you love to decorated, use your imagination and start embellishing these lamps. There are no limits to what you can do as long as you have respected the initial concept of your wedding and you did everything based on your preference.


If you really love cookies and you want to include them as part of your table décor, know that you can do this in lots of ways. Some couples go for the simple cookie centerpieces look in which they order colored cookies and place them on trays or tiered plates. You can find plenty of cookie assortments online. Some can be quite colorful while others can have some tasty fillings. You can also make these wedding centerpieces on your own. If you have a recipe that runs in the family and if everyone loves your mother’s recipe, use it to make these centerpieces. They can be filled with nuts, almonds, chocolate cream, coconut, rum and dried raisins and many other fillings.

The cookies can also be round shaped ones but they can look even more original if they are shaped as hearts, animal figurines, butterflies or stars. Whichever theme you might have in mind, you will surely find endless shapes and styles for the cookie centerpieces. There are some stores which can also make these cookies even more personalized. If you want to try this, know that the costs will be a lot higher than any regular cookie shape or style. Some couples decide to add their own picture on the cookie while some just engrave the cookies with their initials. You can also find unique color combinations online and this might give you some original ideas. Just give these online bakeries a try before you make up your mind.

Wedding Cookie Table Centerpiece

Wedding Cookie Table Centerpiece (Photo by: Stephen Gardiner)

You might be surprised with what you can find. Even if the prices are a bit higher, the style of these cookies can be very unique. You can add them in all kinds of containers not just place them on trays. The cookies can be added in hurricane shaped vases, round glass bowls or even in some Mason jars. Choose the colors of your cookies based on the color pallet of your event or go with simple white or dark chocolate ones. If you prefer the traditional butter cream cookies, those will also be perfect to use as table decorations. Remember the way you display them will also count.