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Wedding favors are a way to show the guests how thankful you are for the fact that they have been with you all throughout the ceremony and reception. These are small gifts which can be a symbol of your theme or any other elements that reflect your wedding concept. You can find plenty of unique looking candles, sweets, skincare items, key chains, jewelry and many other items in all kinds of stores. Just figure out which of these elements best represent your wedding theme. For a fall concept, you can use some cupcakes shaped like pumpkins. These delicious edibles could also be used as centerpieces which is something that most couples go for.

They can be displayed on gold trays or on some rustic platters. You can do the same with some vintage inspired picture frames. They can be wooden ones or a brushed gold color. Add them on the tables and then at the end of the night the guests can take home these thank you gifts. For a beach wedding idea, you can use some shells shaped candles to decorate the tables. These candles could be white, blue or they can be a bigger size. If you want to decorate the tables by using an engraved candle you can also do that.

Centerpiece Made Of Wedding Favors

Centerpiece Made Of Wedding Favors (Photo by: Janelle Dedini)

This would even give these decorations a more personalized note and the guests will be able to remember your wedding even better. There are plenty of other items you can include in the table décor. Sweets are a great choice. They can be chocolate figurines, pralines, candy, lollipop bouquets, candy canes and many other fun candies. Add as much color as you want to these arrangements and make them as unique as you can. Remember that once the reception is over the guests will be taking these decorations home. Choose these favors and centerpieces at the same time based on your wedding finances and think of the theme you want to represent with the help of these symbols. This will help you decide and figure out which is the best choice.


Gardenias might be hard flowers to grow but they can look stunning in bouquets or other types of arrangements. They come in the color white and you can find them in the silk version as well. They are much more affordable if you buy silk gardenias in bulk and plenty of ideas can come from his flower type. One simple way to use them is by making small bouquets which can be added in a round bowl. To make these bouquets even more spectacular, color the water. It can be pink, blue, green and whatever other colors you like. You can also use colorful aqua gems and add them at the base of any glass container.

You can also buy tall containers and surround these white flowers with a colored pearl string. Next to them you can also add colorful candles. Flower garlands made from gardenias can also be ordered from a flower shop. You can use this idea for an indoor or outdoor theme. If you would like to use other flower types you ca easily combine gardenias with them. If you would like your centerpieces to have a bit of color, use colored flowers. Rent your containers so that the prices are not as high and buy the flowers from a wholesale shop. If you have hired a wedding planner, he or she can give you lots of good ideas concerning this table decor of yours, but if you are doing this on your own, you have to find elements and symbols that you like to use.

Wedding Gardenias Centerpiece

Wedding Gardenias Centerpiece (Photo by: petalsbyalice)

Your husband and your bridal party can help you put together this table look. Don’t do this on your own because there is not enough time and you will need all the hands available. Listen to some of your fiancée’s ideas and share your thoughts. Working as a team to create these centerpieces will speed things up considerably. Calculate the costs for this table look and make sure that everything is on schedule. Whatever kinds of containers you use or no matter the style you opt for, these flowers are very elegant and will transform your wedding tables into something stunning and festive.


Centerpieces can be eye-catching table details. It’s in your hands to make this happen if you want the guests to be impressed. There are many ways you can achieve this dazzling look. One way would be through the complexity of the table arrangements and the other one through their color pallet. If you love a certain color and if by any chances it also happens to match the wedding concept, use it in many combinations. If purple is your favorite shade and if you are also having a fall themed wedding, you can incorporate this color into some flower centerpieces. There are lots of flower varieties you can choose from.

You can decide to use a light purple shade or a darker one. You can add two or three flower types if you love flowers that much. You can also use purple marbles which can be added at the bottom of the container. This will secure the twigs or any other arrangements that you plan on using. You can also leave out the flowers and simply add square shaped vases on top of some mirrors. In them add dark purple gemstones and create a dazzling table effect. You can also use edibles as part of your table décor. This would include cupcakes with purple frosting or cookies decorated with purple sprinkles.

Wedding Table Centerpieces Ideas Purple

Wedding Table Centerpieces Ideas Purple (Photo by: clewis1979)

They can be arranged on colored trays and to make this setting even more spectacular you can add a few purple rose petals on the plates. Your imagination plays a vital role in this decoration. You have to find ways and think of simple and creative things that will make your décor be different. Browse through shops and see what other colored purple items you can use. Picture frames can be found in this color, bells, candles, unique purple looking vases, string of pearls and gemstones and many other unique items. You can use more than one ornament for this look and make the color pop. You can focus more on the color if you like or put more accent on the decorations. The prices depend on how many items you purchase from one store, because some offer great discounts as well. So be on the lookout for that.


Spending a lot of money is something that doesn’t sound appealing to most couples. So most of them search for diy methods and techniques to make their centerpieces one of a kind. This is not easy but if you and your fiancée work as a team, you can achieve something great for this table look of yours. Topiary centerpieces stand out due to their height and complexity. They might seem like very elaborate and sophisticated pieces, but anyone can achieve such a look with just a little bit of practice. A simple way to achieve this look is by copying a topiary style you like. These arrangements can be done with real or artificial flowers.

Twigs and greenery can also be added for this look. If you do decide to use flowers, make sure that the colors match your color pallet. For a fall theme, you can add orange flowers and yellow ones while for a summer one white, pink and even a light purple shade can be used. You will need to arrange the flowers first and think of the color combinations you want to use. Foam will also be needed so that you place the actual flowers in the foam. This will secure the arrangements.

Wedding Reception Topiary Centerpieces

Wedding Reception Topiary Centerpieces (Photo by: Mitchells Flowers)

Once you’ve secured the flowers, you can add other ornaments on these bouquets. You can add beads or pearls on the flower or you can sprinkle them with colored glitter if the flowers are silk ones. Use your imagination to come up with a unique way to make these arrangements stand out. If you want to use just twigs for this look, you can use small crystals to hang them on the twigs. You can also make some flowers out of paper and be really inspired with such an arrangement. You can search for more ides online and looking at  pictures might help. You and your fiancée should divide tasks and help out one another. It’s not going to be easy and it will take some time, depending on how many arrangements you plan on using, but the satisfaction at the end will be worth it.


If you are a very independent bride who likes to take matters into her own hands, making your wedding centerpieces should be quite easy for you. Start by choosing a theme and then choose the flowers. Look for some wholesale shops online because it will be a lot cheaper to order your flowers. You can find a variety of flowers and you can choose just one flower type or more. For a rustic theme, wildflowers are your best choice. They are very colorful and you can use them in many different looks. Renting the container is also a much more affordable solution, but if you are not looking to cut back on some costs, buying them is also a choice.

These vases can be clear ones or they can be colored ones. You can add the flowers in some simple cylinder vases or cut the stems and make your bouquets a lot smaller. Round vases are ideal for this look. You can add marbles in these containers and secure the flowers. This will also give your flower arrangements a much more interesting look. The whole point in creating these arrangements on your own is to be as creative as you can. There are no limits to what you can and what you can use. If you want to combine flowers with twigs you can do so. For a beach theme, use orchids in the silk version.

How To Make Floral Centerpieces For A Wedding

How To Make Floral Centerpieces For A Wedding (Photo by: Samantha Lauren Photographie)

You can surround this arrangement with tea light candles or add a square cut mirror underneath the container. You can of this look for any theme you have in mind. You can also bake cupcakes and use sugar flowers as part of your table décor. When you think of flower centerpieces you do not necessarily have to think of silk or real flowers. The edible version can also be included as long as it matches your theme and as long as this is what you want. The paper flower version is another idea you can use. There are endless choices, you just have to find the right one for your budget. 


Wedding centerpieces can have a really dramatic feel due their color and complexity. You can achieve a very dramatic flower arrangement if you just choose the right colors and style for these centerpieces. These bouquets have to be done by a professional florist but you can also try and make them yourself if this is not your first time creating flower decorations. Some tutorials on how these bouquets are done can also give you tips and pointers. Just respect the indications and you will have a successful table ornament. Instead of flowers you can also incorporate twigs. They can be purchase from a wholesale store and you can use them on their own to accentuate this look or use them in combination with other elements.

Adding paper flowers on these twigs will give the centerpieces a more modern vibe. These twig arrangements are very tall and impressive in size , so you will need to find a proper container for this look. Make sure that you add beads in the containers so that the twigs are secured. You can also use candles to create this dramatic table look. Tall candles can be quite impressive especially if you decide to choose an unusual color mixture. Black and red candles might not seem appropriate for a wedding, but if your theme is a Halloween concept, then it’s perfect. Your decorations have to be dramatic in order to reflect this concept. So you can easily decide to use these dark color combinations and styles.

Dramatic Wedding Centerpieces

Dramatic Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Susan Southerland)

Pumpkins can be added on the tables and you can fill them up with unique looking candles. For a summer theme, fruits are your best option. They can be carved in lots of ways. Watermelons and coconuts can be used for a tropical theme and more. You can ask a professional to carve the fruits and to make them as dramatic as you want. These fruits sculptures are a very modern approach and you can create lots of fun decorations with them.  Remember that your theme should be your main influence and your centerpieces should reflect the concept you’ve started with. Have this in mind when choosing to add a dramatic note to your table decorations.


Your wedding centerpieces come in many different sizes and styles. Some of these styles can be really dramatic ones while others are simple and classical. It just depends on your vision and on your budget. Some of these looks might cost more while some can be obtained with lesser costs. Making your own decorations for the tables is a way to reduce some of these high costs. Baking is a great way to show off some of your talent in the kitchen and you can delight the guests with these baked goods. Cupcakes are suitable for any theme and the way you decide to decorate them will say a lot about your theme. Use leaf decorations for a fall theme and sugar flowers for a spring one. Winter means you can use all kinds of sparkling colors and snowflake symbols.

Instead of cupcakes you can bake cookies and decorate them in a festive way. Candy can also be included as part of the table decorations. There are affordable decorations and you ca use them in endless ways. One simple way would be to fill up some jars or some large vases. You can even use these candies to write your names on top of some mirrors. Silk flower arrangements or even real ones can really transform the table look. Choose the flowers you love and think of other types you can combine them with. You can also use greenery for these arrangements or add twigs.

Decorations For Wedding Centerpieces

Decorations For Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Megan Vance)

Creating an arrangement made entirely out of twigs is also a very modern centerpiece approach. They can be adorned with simple paper decorations or you can use colored pearl strings on them. There are other kinds of elements you can hang from these twigs. Some online images might help you decide or you can consult with your wedding planner. Hiring such a professional is not cheap, but he or she will solve everything for you and will help you more than you know. So if you do have the financial possibilities to hire a wedding coordinator, don’t think about it twice. He or she will guide you and your whole reception and table décor will look amazing.


There are lots of flowers you can incorporate in your wedding centerpieces. The options are endless, you just have to decide on the flowers you wish to use and how impressive you want the arrangements to be. If your favorite flower is the Gerber daisy, there are simple bouquets you can even create on your own. You can use white arrangements for a  summer theme and dark orange ones for a fall concept. The way they are displayed is also important that is why you have find vases and glass containers for them. Renting them is one option, but so is buying them. There are lots of unusual glass shapes you can look for.

In them add the Gerber daisies and find other decorations which will complete this look. The water can be colored which will really make the centerpieces look a lot more interesting. You can fill up the vases with gemstones or marbles. River stones can also complete this nature inspired look of yours if you just want to use natural elements. Add in some greenery and your bouquets will look ravishing on the tables. Combining these flowers with lemons and limes is also a  great idea for a spring or summer concept. Find a long and tall vase and add a lemon and one lime. On top add yellow and white Gerber daisies or yellow ones.

Wedding Centerpieces With Gerber Daisise

Wedding Centerpieces With Gerber Daisies (Photo by: Jana Stall)

This centerpiece will surely draw everyone’s attention as soon as they walk into the restaurant. Instead of actual Gerber daisies you can also use the symbol as part of a cupcake decoration. These cupcakes can be homemade ones and you can use sugar flowers to adorn them. The option of having cookies shaped like flowers is also a great centerpiece idea. Bakeries can make this happen for you or you can take matters into your own hands and make these edible centerpieces yourself. Lots of ideas can come from your wedding theme, but you will need to spend your money wisely because there are other wedding related issues that need to be solved.


A tropical theme wedding can take place in an indoor location or an outdoor one. Wherever you decide to have it, you need to make sure that the décor is an authentic reflection of this concept. You can use lots of tropical elements to make your venue come to life and send out a tropical vibe to the guests. Start by using tropical flowers if you are fond of flower centerpieces. Orchids are just one example but you can use other exotic flowers as well. Candle shaped as fish or seashells can also be put together in many ways. You can use them in large bowls or next to some containers filled with pearls. You can even create these tropical inspired candles yourself.

This is an affordable centerpieces look and you can have fun with it. Actual seashells can be added in fish bowls along with sand, or you can find bigger shell sizes and add it in the middle of the table on top of a mirror. Then scatter tiny shells next to the big one or some glitter. A fun way to make the centerpieces pop would be to color the water in which you add various elements. The water can be a light blue color and you can add votive candles in the bowl to create a floating candle effect. For a more fun centerpiece décor you can use beach toys. Add shovels and some colored sunglasses on the tables or place them in a colored bucket. Adding a small wooden box on the tables can pass as a mysterious treasure chest.

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece Ideas (Photo by: seweccentric)

You can even leave it open and add faux jewelry and gemstones in it. Buy some sapphire, diamonds, gold necklaces and pearls and place them all in the treasure chest. Tropical fruits are quite affordable and you can use bananas and mangoes to create all kinds of fruit sculptures or you can simply dip some slices in chocolate. Flowers can also be combined with pineapples or coconuts. You can use coconuts to create a fun cocktail decor by adding colored straws and umbrellas in them. There are unlimited choices and combinations. Find the best elements to use for this concept and give your table decor this tropical allure.


Fall weddings are perfect to use pumpkins, candles, leaves, acorns, grapevines, lanterns and other symbols like these. Having such a theme means that you have to come up with creative ideas in incorporating some of the fall elements. For your centerpieces, use some leaves. They can help you create gorgeous leaf bouquets instead of the typical flower arrangements. If you wish to go for such a look, silk leaves or even real ones are a good choice. Add the leaves in tall vases and then use candles for the rest of the table decor. They can be tea light candles if you do not want any big statement candles or if you do, try unique shaped candles.

Opt for tall candles in the color orange, red or a dark yellow shade. Display them in the middle of the table and use a wreath made out of leaves with this look. The candles can be added in the middle of the wreaths. You can also choose to incorporate pumpkins in this table décor. The pumpkins can be carved by a specialist or even by you and your fiancée. If this is not your first time carving pumpkins and if you are really good at it, make this a special Halloween wedding décor.

Wedding Reception Fall Table Centerpieces

Wedding Reception Fall Table Centerpieces (Photo by: Becky Cheaney (Farley))

The pumpkins can also be filled with sweets. You can find smaller ones if you want to use them as centerpieces or you can buy the plastic version. Just make sure you don’t add a candle in the plastic pumpkins or else they will melt. You can also go for multicolored flowers and arrange them yourself or order them from a flower shop in town. A professional florist can help you decide which flowers go best together and which colors you should use for the fall theme. For a more rustic concept, try wildflowers and also go with rustic symbols like logs and Mason jars instead of elegant vases. Buy everything that you need from specialized stores and remember imagination is key to a having a successful wedding reception and table decor.