Wedding Party Centerpieces

Making your own wedding centerpieces can be fun. You shouldn’t be stressed when creating these adornments and you should have fun with them. There are lots of supplies you can use for all kinds of themes. Some can be more casual and informal than others while some are really fancy. Either way, you can use all kinds of flower decorations and other elements. For a fall theme, use pumpkins as centerpieces which you can carve on your own. You can look at tutorials and practice this technique on a few extra pumpkins. In the pumpkins, candles can also be added.

They can really give your venue a softer glow. If you wish to use flowers, buy them from a wholesale shop. The prices are much lower and you can get as many as you want for an excellent price. Use a bunch of flower types and play around with the colors. This will make the table arrangements stand out. If you are not thinking of using flowers for your tables, branches and twigs are another alternative. Add them in tall containers and then use crystals and other gems to decorate them. The beads can be added at the bottom of the containers and you can even use lace as part of this table décor.

Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces

Make Your Own Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Rivertown Cakes)

This will be perfect for a vintage wedding concept. Edibles are great decorations to use for the wedding tables and you can easily make cupcakes or cookies on your own. Display them on colored trays or on really rustic plates. It all depends on your theme. Bridal magazines and online tutorials can also help you. Make a list of the shops you like and of the items you need to purchase. Take advantage of sales and discounts within these specialized shops and buy the elements you need to complete the table décor. Base the centerpiece look on the theme you have choose and on the color scheme of the wedding. Ask your bridal party to help you finish with all the decorations and get everyone involved in this event.


Creating the decorations for your tables and choosing which elements are right for your theme is something that you and the groom have to decide on together. You will need to go through lots of stores before you decide on your final ornaments. The centerpieces are important because they will be the first things that pop when the guests arrive at the reception. So the more dramatic and complex they are, the more amazed the guests will be with the whole décor. You will have to include some impressive vases and use colors as well. Look for really tall or large containers. In the tall containers you can add twigs and even impressive flowers.

For the large containers, candles and flowers would be a great mixture. The candles can be a soft color while the flowers can be really dramatic decorations through their color scheme. In these large vases, crystals can also be added. You can also order garlands made out of lilies or roses and surround this large container instead of adding the flowers in them. Try different approaches by still using the traditional decoration elements. If you are planning a very glamorous theme, feel free to use as many bling details as you can. Buy rhinestones, colored marbles, sparkling candle holders and everything with a little shine on it.

Large Stunning Wedding Centerpieces

Large Stunning Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: pstry8)

Your table bouquets can also be made out of brooches that resemble flowers. This will be a more expensive arrangement but the effect will be stunning. You can look for such sample arrangements in stores and analyze the prices and how much of these bouquets you will be needing. If you are in your budget range, this will be an excellent purchase. If not focus on other arrangements including candy bouquets and other elements which can be combined with the large vases you have in mind. Everything that you use has to look good in terms of color and texture. Remember that the centerpieces are part of your overall décor. It doesn’t matter if they are pricey items or cheaper ones, what counts is their final aspect.


Centerpieces come in different shapes and forms not to mention colors and styles. Sometimes it can be really hard to decide among the flowers or even the style of the containers. That is why you should focus on buying items which you can afford and don’t overspend. You can obtain a very interesting centerpiece look with little money. You just have to be dedicated and know where to start looking. Discounted stores are the best way to start and so are rental shops. You can rent plenty of items starting with trays on which cupcakes can be displayed or large vases in which flower blooms can be added. Look for items you know you will be incorporating in the final look of the tables. If you wish to use candy and you need glass containers, look for cylinder ones.

In these vases add colored candy and on top a flower which can be the same color as the candy. You can also mix various candy assortments and use candles around them. Candles are these kinds of decorations which can easily be used on their own if you buy really impressive candles. Choose three different candle styles and place them on top of a mirror. This is a simple look which doesn’t need to many fancy decoration items and which will look stunning on your tables. A few glittery marbles here and there will also help enhance the table effect. These marbles can also be added in fish bowls and you can add candles inside the bowls.

Images Of Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces

Images Of Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Cedarwood Weddings)

You can also use fruits as part of your table decor which are pretty affordable. Carve some apples and pumpkins or caramelize some pears and display them on your rental trays. These trays can be silver ones or you can look for interesting trays with designs and patterns which will also reflect your theme. Edible decorations are also inexpensive items you can use and you can make them in order to cut back on some costs. Cupcakes can be baked, cookies, miniature cakes, candy cocktails, chocolate pralines can be used on displays and many other tasty sweets.


Lilies or fleur de lis are elegant flowers maybe because they represent royalty. You can use this flower for many decorations including the table ones. For starters, buy glass vases and use the fleur de lis on its own. Since this flower is so sophisticated it doesn’t need any other items next to it. You can obtain a beautiful centerpiece with simple white lilies in a tall container and you can surround this container with candles. Twigs can also be used in combination with this flowers and crystals. If you do want to put together some elegant table decorations, then use some glamorous details like gemstones or sparkling marbles.

The containers can also be really impressive ones. Focus on getting simple containers which you can paint. Use your talent and paint this symbol on the vases and then add simple beads in the containers or aqua gems. There are lots of other painted containers like these which can be used. Some are done by artists, but it will cost you more to invest in them. So if you are a creative person think of other elements you can use with this flowers and other ways to make this flower stand out. You can also order cupcakes and have them decorated with the fleur de lis flower in the sugar version. It will look amazing displayed on tiered trays. You can incorporate this symbol to create other edible decorations as well.

Fleur De Lis Wedding Centerpieces

Fleur De Lis Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by:

It’s just a matter of knowing what you want and knowing how to make this element stand out from the rest. Magazines and bridal sites concerning table decorations can be your inspiration for this look. A wedding planner can really help you. Some brides think this is a good investment while others rather take matters into their own hands and deal with the entire wedding on their own. But this depends on each couple’s budget, because hiring such a professional costs. If you do decide to do this on your own, you need to start soon. Look for good stores, buy everything that you need, purchase the flowers and then think of ways to put your vision in practice. Even if you fail a few times, practice makes perfect.


The taller your containers are, the more impressive the centerpieces will be. If you want to give your wedding tables some height and complexity in terms of decorations, you need to think outside the box. Your arrangements can be very impressive, you just need to use the right tools to make it happen. So start looking for cylinder type vases and then think if you wish to use flowers or other adornments. Flowers can be used in endless combinations. Orchids will look stunning in such containers along with some hydrangeas. But if you do not wish to add flowers, you can also recur to twigs and branches. Due to their height they will fit perfectly in any tall containers. You can add silk flowers on them if you wish or think of other items that can embellish them.

Crystals are a good choice along with some lights. These light decorations are a great trick and you can go for this look if you are planning a winter concept. Inside the containers add some marbles just to secure these branches. They can be white, red or blue but you can also add two colors for this look. The branches can also have strings or pearls or other beads on them. You can find these small decoration pieces in stores online, but you can also buy them from the Dollar store. Twigs and flowers are not the only things you can add in tall vases. For those of you looking for a more casual and fun look, try adding candies.

Tall Glass Vases Wedding Centerpieces

Tall Glass Vases Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Mitchells Flowers)

You can also create bouquets made out candy canes or lollipops. The glass containers need to be transparent so that these amazing candy bouquets can be noticed. Lights used on their own can also be added in these vases. The flowers can be used as garlands and you can add them at the base of these vases. Let the light arrangements be seen. This look would be perfect for an outdoor table décor. Analyze various looks and prices when deciding on the final arrangements. It’s not going to be easy but with help from your future groom, you will finally come to an agreement and decide on the best centerpieces.


Containers can truly make a difference. That is why you have to use the right ones when deciding on the overall look of your centerpieces. Mason jars are a great choice for a garden theme or a rustic theme. You can add wildflowers in them or sunflowers. They can be plastic or real, the guests won’t even be able to tell the difference if you know what you are doing. You can find bigger sized jars or smaller ones. It depends what you wish to add in them. Flowers are not the only decorations you can use in these containers. Twigs can also be added, but make sure they are a smaller size. Also make sure to secure them by adding marbles or beads at the bottom of the jars.

Add the branches and if you want more color to these centerpieces, paper flowers are the perfect touch. You can also hang strings of colored beads in them or even lights. Just make sure there isn’t too much weight on them. You can also add simple pearls in these jars and then place a candle on top. This is a great look for a garden theme. Flower blooms or a candle resembling a flower will also work. These candles can be tea light ones or you can opt for really scented candles. Candy is another thing you can consider adding in the jars. The more colorful the candies are, the more eye catching your centerpiece will be.

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces

Mason Jar Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Lawrys the Prime Rib)

For a Christmas wedding concept, opt for candy that looks like small globes and reindeer. You can find such shapes in candy stores which can make almost any figurines and shape you can think of. Add candy canes or lollipops and create centerpieces made out of candy bouquets. These jars are the perfect containers for this look. You can also add candy for the rustic theme if you and your groom have a sweet tooth. These lollipops can be shaped as cowboy hats or horseshoes. Think of “redneck” symbols like these and include them in the centerpieces. Mason jars are not pricey and lots of great looks can be achieved with them.


Planning an October wedding? Then you should consider using some wonderful earthy tones for this look, or rusty ones. A fall wedding comes with a vast color palette. There are plenty of colors you can include in your table centerpiece décor. You can find most of these shades in flower arrangements or in candle decorations. These candles can not only have rusty orange and dark plume shades, but they can also be shaped as fall elements. Look for candles resembling acorns or pumpkins and create a submerged candle décor. They can also be displayed on mirrors and if you really wish to use flowers as part of this table décor, scatter some rose petals. A big bouquet of colored mums can also be the center of attention for the tables. 

For this you need to choose really bright colors or go for a bigger size. Choose tall glass vases and add the flowers you like. Feathers can also be a great choice for this October wedding. They will give your whole décor an even more whimsical appearance. Just remember to choose orange colors, plum ones, brown and red and other shades that will remind the guests that this is a fall wedding. Edibles can also be used as centerpieces. Bake cookies and have them on display or carve some pumpkins and use candy to fill up these containers. If you love cupcakes, you can decorate these edibles with unique figurines. They can be elegant flower cupcakes or scary ones which will remind the guests of the Halloween holiday.

Wedding Table Centerpieces Of October

Wedding Table Centerpieces Of October (Photo by: FoundryParkInn)

Miniature cakes are also an option, a much pricier option. They can be shaped as hearts or they can be tiered. If you want to make your own table adornments, you and your future husband have to work together on this. This is not a one person’s job and you will need all the help you can get. More ideas can come to you if you analyze the stores and the items they sell. By seeing so many decorations and unique containers, you might be inspired to do something truly impressive.


Everyone is looking to cut back on costs when it comes to their table decorations. In order to succeed, you have to have a head start. Begin your search for these inexpensive products as soon as possible. Once you have a theme planned for this reception, you need to start thinking of the table decorations. They can be flower arrangements, twigs, candles, edibles, fruits or some handmade adornments. Making your own table centerpieces is a great idea. If you love to create and come up with these concepts, then this is what you should do. Get someone else to help, like your bridesmaids, and you will surely finish on time.

Buy silk lilies or roses and start making the bouquets for the tables. You can use online tutorials as guidance if you don’t quite know what you are doing. Handle the flowers with care and attention to details. You can even add silk greenery among all of these colored flowers. Twigs can also be added in tall vases and among them you can use some flowers. If you wish to incorporate fruits or vegetables in your wedding décor, opt for wax ones or real ones. You can caramelize the apples and display them on trays or you can simply choose a bunch of fruits and place them in baskets. For a summer wedding, opt for fruits sculptures. This is something you can do on your own and just have fun while doing it.

Inexpensive Centerpieces For Wedding

Inexpensive Centerpieces For Wedding (Photo by: Kara Rush)

Don't be afraid to try these new things even if this is your first time carving a fruit. You can also carve pumpkins in which you can add a tea light candle and create a perfect Halloween table décor. Leaves can be used as part of this table setting in lots of ways. Add some picture frames as well and place them on mirrors. Lots of other items can be used in combination with mirrors if you want to enhance the table effect. How much money you invest in this makes no difference as long as your decorations turn out exactly how you want them. It might be difficult, but as long as you know where to shop and what to buy, you should be on track.


Candles are the perfect choice if you are looking to create a romantic ambiance. They can be used in lots of ways and you can find other decorations to match them as well. Candles can be used on their own in some large containers, but they can also be added on top of  mirrors. These mirror shapes can be cut however you want. Then add the colored or white candles on them and use sparkles and marbles to complete this look. Another easy look you can do on your own is to use flowers and candles. This is a very popular combination. Add your favorite flowers in tall vases and then place tea light votive candles all around this arrangement.

A contrasting effect can be created between he candles and the flower arrangements or you can opt for the same colors. These candles can also be shaped like hearts. They can be used for a Valentine inspired wedding theme or for a simple and romantic concept. Add these heart candles in the middle of some wreaths made out of roses or carnations. If you are not looking for floral arrangements for the tables, branches would do just fine. You can rent twig arrangements made out of iron and add the candles on these twigs. Place red votive candles or purple ones. Add some color to these decorations and lighten up the tables.

Wedding Centerpieces+candels

Wedding Centerpieces + Candels (Photo by: Mike)

You can order some flower shaped candles. If your theme is a vintage one, you can use this idea and look for vintage inspired candle holders. Make sure everything has this vintage vibe and place dark yellow candles made out of beeswax in these holders. There are lots of other ideas you can go for. It’s just a matter of costs and imagination. Rent if you can’t afford to buy or don't have time to create these decorations yourself. Play around with colors because even if you don’t think it counts, it does. The right color mixture can really transform your table decorations and give them a whimsical style.


If you want a centerpiece based on natural beauty you should buy trees. As long as these decorations are a refection of your theme, you can decorate them and make them stand out in endless ways. This is the perfect idea to use for a garden theme wedding or a simple outdoor one. You can use birch trees for this décor or simple branches which can be adorned. If you hang some crystals or some paper decorations on these branches you will surely obtain the look you are aiming for and that is a whimsical and unique one. These branches can be added in all kinds of containers and even wooden vases.

You can mix them up with flowers or with candles. You can add tea light candles all around these arrangements. The branches can also have silk leaves attached to them or silk flowers. Lights are also a good idea especially for a holiday theme. The lights can be white, red, purple, blue and whatever other shades you think will work with your wedding concept. Use tinsel and miniature globes for a Christmas theme if you like or add paper angels on these branches. Palm trees added in vases is a great touch for a more tropical theme. These tree decorations don’t have to be natural ones.

Wedding Ornament Tree Centerpiece

Wedding Ornament Tree Centerpiece (Photo by: Danielle)

They can be plastic or they can be made out of wire. This is perfect if you want to add votive candles on the actual branches. If you love cupcakes and want to include a cupcake tree ornament for the tables, you can do this by recurring to a professional baker. He will make the cupcakes exactly how you want. This way you will have an edible tree centerpiece. The same can be done with candy. You could order topiary candle trees or add candy canes on some branches. Choose the colors of the candy based on the color palette. You can also order a tree made out of jelly or gumballs. Be creative if you want this tree centerpiece idea of yours to pop. Don’t be afraid to try different and non-traditional decorations.