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Gardenias might be hard flowers to grow but they can look stunning in bouquets or other types of arrangements. They come in the color white and you can find them in the silk version as well. They are much more affordable if you buy silk gardenias in bulk and plenty of ideas can come from his flower type. One simple way to use them is by making small bouquets which can be added in a round bowl. To make these bouquets even more spectacular, color the water. It can be pink, blue, green and whatever other colors you like. You can also use colorful aqua gems and add them at the base of any glass container.

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You can also buy tall containers and surround these white flowers with a colored pearl string. Next to them you can also add colorful candles. Flower garlands made from gardenias can also be ordered from a flower shop. You can use this idea for an indoor or outdoor theme. If you would like to use other flower types you ca easily combine gardenias with them. If you would like your centerpieces to have a bit of color, use colored flowers. Rent your containers so that the prices are not as high and buy the flowers from a wholesale shop. If you have hired a wedding planner, he or she can give you lots of good ideas concerning this table decor of yours, but if you are doing this on your own, you have to find elements and symbols that you like to use.

Wedding Gardenias Centerpiece

Wedding Gardenias Centerpiece (Photo by: petalsbyalice)

Your husband and your bridal party can help you put together this table look. Don’t do this on your own because there is not enough time and you will need all the hands available. Listen to some of your fiancée’s ideas and share your thoughts. Working as a team to create these centerpieces will speed things up considerably. Calculate the costs for this table look and make sure that everything is on schedule. Whatever kinds of containers you use or no matter the style you opt for, these flowers are very elegant and will transform your wedding tables into something stunning and festive.


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